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14 March 1975
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Okay, well I was born and raised in North Carolina. There are three things I care very, very much about and this is in no particular order (1) Atlanta Braves baseball (2) UNC Tarheels (they are my alma mater after all!) and (3) Harry Potter. I got into Harry Potter when my mom bought the books for my nieces and nephew and I started to read them myself...hooked from the first page and just had a feeling about Harry/Hermione...they've got to end up together. I also like other ships...just don't put Hermione with Ron and don't put Ginny with Harry and we'll get along just fine!

I am 33 years old and I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Journalism & Mass Communication....and I am currently employed in the Insurance industry---way to use that degree, Amy! Well, it has a lot to do with wanting to live near my family who mean everything to me!

Delusional since 2000